From App Dreams To Realities

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From App Dreams To Realities

In the world of app development, we can often have ideas with the potential to transform the industry itself. But, how do we learn to capitalize on them?

In the past, when the eureka moment came at 2am on a Friday night, the tech platforms we could use to conceptualise them were far more limited. Now, the digital era is like a distillery that can turn almost any idea into a tangible project. Having said this, we still need the help of specialists to guide us around the pitfalls and mistakes that can be made early on.

The cost of an app itself can mislead us into relating the purchase price with what we imagine has to be invested to begin development. This is much like when people embark on any creative project, before finding out why a large percentage of ideas rarely reach fruition, due to the commitment required. So let’s look at a few tips on how to get things moving in the right direction.

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“Forget the technology”

This is what Bruce Young mentioned in an interview with, when talking about approaches to business objectives. The CEO of Speedwell, a successful app development company, was referring to the ability to visualise and understand where you want your idea to go. This is instead of beginning with the physical technology it’ll be used with itself, since he suggests that by understanding the desired business outcome(s) first, the digital solutions will develop in accordance to do these goals.

Suggestions like this help us to see why some developers seem better at innovation, since by taking this broader view, they are able to think in a more progressive manner.

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Deciding who to work with

Understanding the benefits of collaborating with others is one of best learning curves anyone can go through. We’re told this in nearly every area of our lives on a daily basis. However, many of its further subtleties can be elusive when it comes to developing professional level work.

Regarding app development, the first step is being realistic about what level of capital you have available to put into the project. This will range from zero, where there are app specific crowdfunding platforms like Appsplit, and also development companies that work on a more B2B level.

In the middle ground, there are also other independent options where a person hires individual specialists as and when they have the funds available. This approach can be a bit hit and miss however, since the person hiring can only base their decisions from reviewing online portfolios, on sites like PeoplePerHour. Also, if you happen to have the next game-changing idea, there can also be issues regarding patenting and intellectual plagiarism.

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This is why an NDA (non disclosure agreement) can often be handy in this situation. Then, it goes without saying, if you’re the person that someone is trying to hire, on a non-paid, or ‘deferred payment’ basis, this is best avoided. This largely comes down to opinion, but the amount of people trying to hire in this way, with ‘start-up’ promises, is vast, and it can be disappointing for honest people if they’re not remunerated for their efforts.

Even the best creative ideas can be marred by working with the wrong people, even if they appear to have the right skill-set on paper. When looking to collaborate with others – and taking care with your level of disclosure – it’s business savvy to ask questions about their ‘vision’, and ‘perspective’ on topics, since these answers can reveal more about a personality than what’s on a CV alone.

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