A Human Approach: Promoting Your Business (That’s Not The Usual Marketing Tactics)

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A Human Approach: Promoting Your Business (That’s Not The Usual Marketing Tactics)

We’ve got to build something from nothing. When it comes to organizing your business it’s not just about the importance of the right members of staff, promotional materials, and tools, but it’s about building that tangible feeling of humanity in your business. It’s about making it a force to be reckoned with. And this is something that feeds into your promotional tactics. But in order to truly make a substantial impact with regards to promotional materials, and aligning with your business brand or personality to elicit an emotional need from the customer, what can you do to build this up, especially when you’ve got nothing?

Human Interaction And Making An Important First Impression

It’s something we greatly underestimate as far as our promotional prowess is concerned. When you are looking to promote a company you’ve got to find that crucial way to make a good first impression. Not only this but in this day and age where we can use social media and online marketing as a crutch, we can greatly underestimate the importance of human interaction. Human interaction is a perfect opportunity for customers to get to know your brand and understand what you are about. This means that there are so many different ways to promote your business away from the online world. For those businesses looking to make a substantial impression, they could go towards something like trade shows and this means that it opens them up to a completely different world of promotion. And there’s a lot of preparation involved through preparing modular exhibition stands as well as ensuring that the imagery and iconography are just right, but the most important thing of a trade show or any person to person selling is that you make that connection. And it’s this we need to remember as a way to build bridges between business and consumer.

Consistency Across Your Platforms (Real And Digital)

Consistency in your message but also consistency in your communication. If you are looking to promote your brand in a certain way you’ve got to remember that as you communicate yourself that you are doing it exactly the same regardless of the mouthpiece you are using. Consistency works across social media platforms, especially when you pick one or two of them, but you’ve also got to remember that your message needs to stay the same across every aspect of your business. Selling items isn’t just about the banners online but it’s also about making sure the tone of voice and the personality that you are trying to exude actually comes across online and in-person. Learning to maintain any sense of consistency is essential. But in order to do it effectively, you’ve got to go back to your tone of voice and your brand.

Working With Another Business

When we start to realize the mountainous task that is promoting ourselves we have to remember that a problem shared is, most definitely, a problem halved. When we are attempting to get noticed, especially at the very beginning, networking becomes the all-important skill we need to master. The big problem that we don’t necessarily have at the outset of a business is that we don’t know how to network ourselves properly. And we might not even know the form our business is taking just yet. But when we start to work with another company this will give us the tools to put into different markets but also gives us the ability to share skills. And by working with other businesses you end up learning a lot about the business process. But you have to remember that if you are to work with another business that you give them something that they need. It’s not a relationship where you take everything. Working with another business means that you can guest on their blogs and gain insights into processes that you wouldn’t necessarily have considered before. This also gives you the added benefit of exposure. If you align yourself with another company that has a dedicated market you may not necessarily be able to tackle their demographics, nor would you want to, but it can be a valuable lesson in pulling together for the sake of both your businesses.

Standing For Something

If you want to make an impact on a certain group of people it’s not just about marketing yourself, it’s about making sure that you are standing firmly for something. These days, every customer is savvy as to if they are being sold something. It’s a far better promotional tactic if we align ourselves with certain causes or have specific practices built into our business. A very common example is minimizing our carbon footprint. If your business can incorporate specific methods to reduce your carbon footprint this becomes part of your culture but it also becomes a key component of your promotional materials. This is what can set you apart from other businesses in your field. But if you want to go one step further you may want to start thinking on a more grassroots level. In a political or ideological sense if you have causes you firmly believe in and this forms part of your business framework, this can be something to put on your promotional materials. And when you are working with resources like Help A Reporter Out if there is something in the news that is currently capturing the zeitgeist this gives you fantastic promotional sway.

Building Trust

Promotions aren’t just about the billboards or the marketing tactics but you’ve got to remember that in order to encourage customers to buy from you, you’ve got to create that emotional need. And this is something that we can struggle with, especially if there’s an already established company doing the same thing as us. This is why we have got to go for building trust in our customers rather than bombarding them with slogans. In order to build trust with people you have to appeal to them on their level. Many companies could feel that they are too luxurious or high-end for commoners but if you are providing a service to people and you expect to be paid for it you must realize that they will have to trust your ability to deliver the service. And when you have nothing and you don’t know which tactic is best to build up a company, going for positive word-of-mouth, which directly stems from trust, is vital. The great thing is that we can build trust in so many different ways. It boils down to simple elements like great customer service as well as fixing problems you may have caused. We can also benefit from offering free trials or samples. That way, our customers don’t have to commit to anything but it gives us the opportunity to show them what we’re all about in brand and tone. And when we have the right people on board that can communicate the business but also elicit that sense of trust from the customer you are onto a winner.

Many businesses have to build themselves up from nothing. It can prove incredibly difficult in an oversaturated and competitive market. And as so many companies try to bombard customers through sly tactics we can lose track of the importance of appealing to customers on a more human level. As we begin to build up a company we start to understand what it’s all about. And this means that we can further improve our business with a certain tone of voice which can link well into other promotional materials. It’s to do with trust and this can seem to be a rarity in the modern marketplace.

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