A Guide to Streamlining HR Processes

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A Guide to Streamlining HR Processes

Working in HR means you have a lot of responsibilities. From organizing payroll and taxes, recruitment, employee training, and contributing to strategic planning, sometimes it might feel as though there aren’t enough hours in the day. This is why it’s important to be highly organized and have the best HR systems in place to help you process your workload. Here are a few suggestions on how using top-quality HR software at work can make your system far more streamlined and efficient.

Employee Portals

Using an HR system like the one developed by peoplexcd.com can change the way you operate for the better. Not only do they help to streamline payroll solutions, but they can offer much more.

For example, you can create an online portal for employees where they can access useful information such as how much paid time off work they have remaining, reminders for meetings, appraisals, and training information. This saves you a lot of time answering inquiries and chasing down information. Furthermore, these systems can help you to track employee absences effectively, as well as share updates and news with the company employees all in one place.

Less Paper

Although the use of computers, email, etc., has been used for years now, the printing of documents, training materials, and other files not only wastes a great amount of paper, but it also eats into your workday. Instead, using quality HR software should allow you to store and share these materials safely and easily with the relevant members of your team and beyond. No longer will you have to stand to wait for print-outs, nor will you spend time searching for the hard copies. You can save and find them within a few clicks, instead.

Move to Online Recruitment

Recruiting new talent is a big part of your job in HR and this is always a more time-consuming task. However, similar to using the employee portals you can also set up ones for applicants, too. You can create and post vacancies onto this platform with ease and applicants can upload their CVs to their portal, making it more efficient for you to match potential candidates with the job description. These portals also make it easier to share paperless contracts and other documents with new starters, aiding the onboarding process.

Cloud Systems

A lot of the above could most likely be set up on your local networks, but in doing so, this would require management and organization you would have to do yourself. And it would be yet another time-consuming task that takes away focus from other aspects of your job. Therefore, cloud-based systems are a much better choice. Not only do they offer better security for your files, but it is the responsibility of another company to keep those servers organized and functioning. It’s one less job for you, but all of your files are in a place that you know is easy to access and safe.

Working as part of an HR team is a challenge and there is plenty to do, which is why streamlining the process is key to cutting back on time-wasting tasks and creating a more efficient working environment.


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