A Brief Guide to Pumps

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A Brief Guide to Pumps

Pumps. Maybe something that you don’t think about straight away, but they are essential both in the home and for a business. Their main function is to transport water (or sometimes other liquids such as fuel) around. When a pump breaks, it can cause severe leaking, dirty water (in a swimming pool or spa pump when its filtration system becomes defected) and corrosion. It’s essential to have a reliable pump, from a brand that you trust to ensure that your home or business’s system continues to function.

So what are the main types of pumps?

For homes: heating/water circulating pumps and water tank pumps

For the farming industry: milking machine pumps, tank pumps, dam pumps, borehole pumps and occasionally, fire fighting pumps

For swimming pools/spas: swimming pool filter pumps, filters for pools, spa pumps, pool heaters and salt chlorinators

Other: stormwater pumps, cooling tower pumps used for air conditioning, sewerage disposal pumps and pumps for storage tanks

Pumps can usually be split into two categories – Positive Displacement and Rotodynamic. The latter’s function is to transfer mechanical energy into kinetic energy. It does this through pressure and velocity whilst rotating. A Positive Displacement Pump forces and traps fluid to make it move at a particular speed.

Positive Displacement Pumps are split into three sections – Rotary type, Reciprocating and Linear Type. An example of a Rotary system is a gear or screw pump, for a Reciprocating a piston or plunger and for a Linear pump, a chain or rose pump.

Swimming pool pumps

Swimming pools are a great investment if you live in a country with a consistently warm climate. And you want to make sure they are ready for you to enjoy when the weather is beautiful outside. Therefore you need to make sure that the water pump is fully functional. The purpose of a swimming pool pump is to ensure that the water is filtered; with the water being transported through the heater, chlorinator and filter. Without one, the water will quickly become dirty and unsanitary.

Investing in a reliable water pump is essential and to get it installed by a service that you know you can trust is a given. For those living Down Under where the weather can be insanely hot in the summer, a swimming pool is a must. When checking out pumps and pump installers, read reviews and ensure that the business has years of expertise (an example of an installer with this is Slater Pumps).

For hotels with spas, a spa pump offers a filtration system (some models also feature a heater/filter combination) that ensures that the hot tub is clean, heated and sanitary for all guests to enjoy when they want to unwind. Easy to maintain and simple to install, they are a necessary investment if you have a spa in your hotel.

The amount of pumps available is massive. So before purchasing one for your property or business, make sure you know which one you need (whether it be for your air conditioning system, swimming pool or for sewerage disposal). It can seem daunting at first because of the huge variety, but by conducting enough research, asking for quotes from installers and identifying each pumps function, it will soon become clear which one to invest in.

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