7 Top Apps For Small Businesses

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7 Top Apps For Small Businesses

If you have a business then you’ve got to be good at multitasking. That’s just how demanding businesses are. They demand a lot of your attention, time and energy. Handling a business becomes challenging at times, considering the various number of people, tasks and everything that you’ve to deal with, sometimes, all by yourself. But hey, we’re in 2017 now! And there are a myriad of apps that have made our lives so much easier. We curated a list of the best apps that might prove handy the next time you’re juggling with multiple tasks in your business.

Google Drive – App for cloud storage

One of the best apps for cloud storage is the god itself, Google Drive. It gives you 15 GB of storage space and if that’s not enough, you can pay a menial amount and buy extra storage. Share your files through links or emails and customize it with various available features like allowing users to comment, or edit the file or keeping it to view-only access. You also get to use various Google apps like Google Docs, Google Photos, Gmail etc by merging your email with G Suite, another interesting tool of Google.

Backblaze – App for online backup

Taking care of a business comes with the responsibility of handling huge amounts of data and ensuring their security. One of the apps that do a fantastic job at online data backup is Backblaze. It is ideal for those who want to just back up their data and completely forget about it. The best feature of it being, it’s speed. It is super quick, easy to use with no fuss. It gives you the facility of unlimited backup at five dollars. For those of you who do not want to waste their time on thinking what to backup and what not to, Backblaze is at your rescue.

It automatically goes through your files, prioritizes and uploads them. With just 3 buttons in its desktop version, it couldn’t have been easier to use this app. You have the choice to deselect certain files that you do not want this app to back up.

Google Docs – App for productivity

As a business person, you would clearly understand the importance of saving data lest it might get deleted in cases of a computer crash. One of the major reasons why Google Docs wins at being one of the best is due to its Auto-save feature. So the next time you’re typing your stuff in a document and the computer crashes, worry not, Google Docs would’ve auto saved it for you. With no limits of storage and a built-in facility from Gmail, not only is it easy to use, but also it also helps you with file editing, sharing and emailing it on the go.

Google Calendar – App for scheduling

Gone are those days when scheduling apps used to merely keep a check on your daily activities. The new age apps now come with some really cool facilities like managing and timing your meetings and literally being your virtual assistant. Google Calendar is one of those amazing ones. It’s literally the holy grail of all the scheduling apps. An interesting feature is its ability to merge with a huge number of third party apps. You can add a URL of the calendar file or upload the file itself. Adding a URL will let you add the calendars of other people, be it your company’s or a calendar of your team. You can also sync your Google Calendar with your desktop operating system.

Xero – App for account management

From handling the details of a ledger to keeping track of employee paychecks etc, a smart accounting app is just what you need to keep everything under control. One of them is Xero. With its easy-to-process user interface, it combines a lot of the standard accounting features and puts them together to make your work easier. Since it can be linked to various other apps, it provides you with a variety of features like card payments, tracking of time etc. The app is constantly working on adding new features every day, making it even more enticing to use. It is ideal for businesses with low budgets and freelancers.

IFTTT – App for business automation

IFTTT allows its users to merge two apps with something called the IFTTT recipe. The recipe is the interaction mechanism between two apps. When you execute a function on one of the apps, this app will stimulate the other app to respond.

Toggl – App for time tracking

Toggl helps you with not just time tracking but also provides the time sheet of employees. It tracks the employee’s time and gives you reports almost instantly. The free version of it lets you keep track of the time of various clients and projects. The paid version allows its users to include billable hours to ensure authenticity since you can show the report to the client directly.

Apps when used for business help you to automate redundant activities and leave you with a lot of time and energy to focus on the creative and important aspects of the business.

Author Bio-        Mauricio is the lead Cloud expert at Cloudwards.net, a data and user feedback driven comparison engine for cloud storage, online backup and VPN apps and services. In addition, he also loves producing educational videos and reviews to help people get the best services for their needs. Get in touch with him on LinkedIn.

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