5 Websites Guaranteed To Save you Money In 2017

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5 Websites Guaranteed To Save you Money In 2017

Did you promise yourself this would be a new year, and you would stop wasting money on unnecessary items and start saving money for your future? You are not alone as everyone loves a freebie or a good deal, and they’re even better when they’re practical. Check out some of the most popular apps and websites available to help you save all those pennies and ensure you have a financially secure future.



Groupon has been around for a while and is popular with a lot of online shoppers in over 48 countries worldwide. With products for adrenalin junkies to the stay at home mum,  everyone is sure to find a deal they love on this app. Groupon promises savings up to 90 percent, and quite often they will have special promotions on top of the already reduced items.


EBay is so 2014. Gumtree, a subsidy of Ebay, has become more and more popular with the average consumer who wants to avoid being outbid. Gumtree has all of the same categories as Ebay, however there is also a wanted section where people can list items that they would like to buy. With categories such as Jobs, Motors, Property, Services, Community, Pets and For Sale everyone is sure to find a bargain they will love here.


Moneybox is aimed at the novice investor and aims to introduce the average person to investing. It allows users to round up their daily transactions and deposit the rest in an individual savings account. For example, if your groceries cost £297 you could round up the extra £3 and invest it in one of the many investment platforms available through the service. You get to choose your preferences on risk and return, ensuring you are fully aware of any risks involved while allowing you to have a diversified portfolio.

Credit Card Cashbacks

If you are looking to save money on everyday purchases, applying for a credit card that offers a cashback bonus can help achieve with cutting the cost of everyday products. There are many alternatives for some top credit card offers for fair credit, and a lot of these are worth looking into through websites that compare all the credit card choices. If you have a previous debt, you could even look into getting an interest free balance transfer that is offered through of these offers.


MealPal has partnered with over 1000 major restaurants in most major cities in America and has just moved over to the UK, with London being the first city for it to launch in. MealPal takes the ease out of your lunch breaks and mulling over what to eat by providing you with daily meals.  With the option of four payment types to choose from, MealPal aims to provide to a range of budgets and appetites.  Once you choose your payment option, you can choose the meal of your choice from one of the participating restaurants in your local area. Keep an eye out for this one, as there are plans for it to go global.


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