5 Ways to Boost Your Organic CTR

beggers October 10, 2020 0
5 Ways to Boost Your Organic CTR

A small boost to your CTR can make all the difference for your website. So what steps can you take to make sure people are clicking your links?

Here are five ways to boost your organic CTR and get more people to your website:

Boost Your Rankings

This one might be obvious, but it’s easier said than done.

The vast majority of clicks go to the top three results, and every step you take up in the rankings is going to result in a higher click-through rate for your page. If your listing is hidden away on the second page, then you’re not going to see very many clicks. The great thing is though, you’ve got a big opportunity to improve.

If you’re ranking at the bottom of the first page, or even on the second page, you’re doing plenty of things right, it’s just about taking the next step and climbing up the rankings.

Be Targeted with Your Keywords

If you keep showing up for keywords that aren’t closely related to what your content is intended to be about, then you need to be much more targeted with your keyword selection.

First off, you really need to understand your audience and the kind of searches they are using to get their information. Once you understand this, you can craft the content that’s going to appeal to them, and encourage them to click your listings on the SERP.

If you’re not sure what you’re trying to achieve with each piece of content and whether you’re hitting the right keywords, consider working with a good SEO company like cocoonfxmedia.co.uk.

Craft Engaging Titles

When you look at a Google listing you don’t have a great deal to go on. There’s a title, URL, and short description, and people choose what link to click based on this limited information.

This means you’ve not got a lot of opportunities to earn people’s click, so the title plays a major role. If you’ve got a bland title and the listing below has an exciting one, which link do you think people are more likely to click?

Your title is a bit like a hook, and you’ve got to use it get people to click your link.

Use Your Meta Description

There’s only so much you can do with a title, so you’ve got to use your meta description as well. If you don’t enter your own meta description, then Google will just take some text from your page, and this won’t necessarily help you earn people’s click.

Make the most of every opportunity you have to convince people to click your link by writing an engaging, concise meta description.

Include a Call to Action

You might not think it, but including a call to action can have a big impact on your click-through rate.

Let people know you want them to take action, and guide them to your website; a good call to action can make all the difference.

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