5 Summer Ready Businesses

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5 Summer Ready Businesses

There are times when sitting in a dark office 9 to 5 can get a bit depressing. As the sun comes out and the days get longer, you may find yourself yearning for the outdoors. Sure, you can take a stroll at lunchtime or sit outside with your coffee during your break, but most people working indoors only see daylight for an hour at the most each day. If you’re sick of the same routine, why not consider starting a Summer business? Here are some ideas.

Face Painting

If you’re artistic, it could fit in perfectly for the Summer months. Young children have a long Summer out of school and parents are often looking for ways to entertain them. The best way to set up is to offer your services to local events, like festivals and fairs. You’ll need to get yourself some liability insurance before you start, but all in all the costs of starting a business like this are fairly low. If you live in a beach town, you may be surprised by how much money you could make in a day. And, you get to spend all your time in the sun.

Ice-Cream Truck

If you have some savings lying around, you could invest them in an ice-cream truck. You’ll also need to buy some stock, so it isn’t a cheap option but it does mean you get to be out and about every day. The sound of an ice-cream truck is like a calling card for kids, and parents are powerless to stop it. Summer is the perfect time to take advantage of this business venture, even if it’s only a temporary job. If you really want to rake in the cash, offer your services for children’s parties and local events.

Summer Ready Businesses

Outdoor Catering

Summer is ideal for music, food and the outdoors. It’s why so many people take advantage of the Summer nights to host events. Outdoor catering has no ends to its possibilities. From birthdays to weddings, it won’t take long for you to build up a name for yourself if everything is done properly. If you haven’t set up your own business before, you may want to do an online leadership masters. It will give you the confidence you need to dive into business.

Get in the Water

Along with Summer comes lots of water sports. If you’re lucky enough to have a qualification in any water sport, such as kayaking, skiing or canoeing, why not get in touch with your local water sports centres? The same goes for swimming. Outdoor pools are open during the Summer months and make families make use of them. Lifeguards are a must for these pools, as they can get busy quickly. If you’re not a trained lifeguard, consider taking a course.

Holiday Representatives

If you feel like jetting away somewhere, being a holiday rep could be just the ticket. It’ll be your duty to look after holidaymakers and answer any questions they may have. You may also have to operate a few tours, but what’s not to love?



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