5 Reasons Why Listicles are Great for Content Marketing

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5 Reasons Why Listicles are Great for Content Marketing

It is safe to say that the average internet user comes across at least one listicle a day, especially since the format became very popular. BuzzFeed and Huffington Post were among the first websites to bring the format to mainstream publication.

Today, listicles are inseparable parts of content marketing. Brands and publishers alike are using listicles to attract audiences and deliver information in a more concise and interesting way. There are five reasons why listicles are great for content marketing and we are going to discuss them in this article.

Our Brain Loves It

Listicles are easier to scan through quickly, which is why this format is so popular in the first place. Since most internet users do a quick scan through the page before deciding to read the complete article, publishing content as a list plays to the natural tendency of the audience.

The format makes even a complex topic more digestible and easier to get through. With most listicles, you can understand the main point of the article in no more than two minutes.

Plenty of Visuals

Listicles also come with photographs or graphics to spice things up. These visual elements make the article even easier to digest and more pleasant to consume. Viewers tend to skip longer articles and much prefer shorter ones with a lot of pictures.

Works with Mobile Devices

We can’t negate the fact that listicles also work really well with mobile devices. Now that social media apps use in-app browsers, content marketers need to deliver their content in a simpler, more accessible way. Listicles are great for that purpose.

10awesome.com is a great example of how listicles can keep the audience engaged for longer. The site doesn’t just feature interesting lists. It is also a great way for viewers to transition from one listicle to another.

They’re Easy to Produce

The concise nature of listicles works really well for content marketing. There is no need to produce long and complicated content to create the same impact. As a result, content marketers can focus more on quality instead of quantity.

Listicles are generally easy to produce and don’t take a lot of time to complete. Marketers can now produce and publish more listicles without investing more time and energy in the process.

Easy to Share

The last and perhaps the most important reason why listicles are so popular is their shareable nature. Listicles are very shareable and fun to discuss with friends. When a viewer finds an interesting list, that viewer has a higher chance of sharing the list on social media. More people will see the listicle and continue to share that listicle to others.

Some of the most viral content today are listicles. Publishers are getting smarter with titles and cover images to make their listicles stand out and be more shareable.

You still need a good content marketing strategy to succeed, but there is no doubt that listicles are great for content marketing. If you haven’t used them already, now is the perfect time to start attracting a new audience with interesting lists on various subjects.

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