5 Mobile Marketing Strategies To Build More Leads

beggers June 18, 2019 0
5 Mobile Marketing Strategies To Build More Leads

Practically everyone owns a smartphone nowadays and we carry them around with us everywhere. It therefore makes sense to take advantage of this platform when marketing. Here are just five great ways in which you can use mobile marketing to build more leads.

Build an app

Apps are a great marketing tool for businesses. They can be used as digital catalogues, menus or loyalty cards. They also leave a permanent reminder of your company’s brand on your customers’ phone, helping to generate return customers. Building an app isn’t easy and you’re best hiring a company that can provide expert Android app development. The process doesn’t have to be expensive – by keeping it simple, you can keep costs down and improve user-friendliness.

Try in-app advertising

As well as building an app, you could also try branching out into in-app advertising. Most apps contain sponsored adverts – this could be a way of promoting your business through other people’s apps. There are advertising companies that can build in-app adverts for you. There’s lot of potential for creativity here including animated ads and even interactive ads.

Create an SMS mailing list

SMS marketing involves sending promotional texts. It’s been proven to be much more effective than sending promotional emails with 98% of mobile users opening business-related texts. Using bulk SMS software, you can send out texts to hundreds if not thousands of people at once on your mailing list. Just as with sending people emails, in order to add people to your mailing list you need their contact details and their permission first. This makes it a better suited strategy for encouraging return customers.

Use mobile ad extensions

The majority of Google searches are now done on mobile devices. As a result, when creating ads on Google, it makes sense to consider mobile ad extensions – these are call-to-action buttons that appear next to your ad aimed at helping mobile users. For instance, the call extension allows mobile users to easily call your company by tapping a phone symbol next to your ad, whilst the app extension allows mobile users to easily download your app.

Print QR codes

When it comes to promoting your web address on signage, QR codes can make it easier for mobile users to access your site. Rather than having to type out your address manually, mobile users can simply scan a QR code using their mobile camera to automatically open your site. There are free QR code generators online that you can use. These can be printed on signs, flyers, business cards and various other forms of physical marketing.

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