5 Common Content Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

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5 Common Content Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Content marketing is the most effective form of marketing out there for small businesses, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that mistakes can’t be made while devising a strategy. Don’t worry though because most of them can be rectified before resources are wasted beyond repair.

If you want to minimize the mistakes and maximize the efficiency, it is suggested that you visit yourcontentshop.com and hire professionals that have the experience and the knowledge to do it right.

On that note, we will now take a look at a few common content marketing mistakes and how to fix them.

Quantity over Quality

Quantity over quality just sounds wrong and it most certainly is wrong when it comes to content marketing. Your priority should always be quality. Low-quality content may generate some initial traffic, but the sales numbers won’t reflect that traffic performance. If you want people to trust your site and take your business seriously enough to buy from you, the content you use should be top quality.

Not Using Multiple Types of Content

At the beginning, it might be a good idea to stick to just one or two mediums of content in order to figure out what works best and when. However, it’s a mistake to follow that same strategy once that initial stage is over. Seek out and explore multiple mediums such as slides, emails, audio, video, infographics and, of course, written content. Experiment till you have found the right mixture of everything you want in a marketing campaign.

Generalizing Your Content

Every piece of content should be written with a target audience in mind because as soon as you generalize, content starts to look generic and doesn’t have the same appeal to your customer base anymore. Know who your customers and potential customers are and write or create your content to specifically address them.

Not Choosing a Specialty

If you have a vast business, your content marketing needs to be focused on a specific niche for a specific campaign. In general, also, the more focused your approach is, the more people will remember your site or you as an expert source. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot expand your marketing plans later when you have a firmer grip on the market.

Poor SEO

If you don’t know how to do it, you need to hire professionals that do because SEO is of utmost importance in generating useful and relevant traffic for your site. The following few tips should be useful in giving you that necessary nudge towards the right direction.

  • ‘alt’ and ‘title’ tags on images are a must
  • Focus should be on both external and internal linking
  • Update your content on a regular basis
  • Long-tail keywords are not to be ignored
  • Do not capitalize any of the words in your URL
  • Guest blogging is a must
  • Headlines matter more than you think

There are, of course, many other mistakes that one could possibly make such as poor use of social media campaigning, lack of conversion optimization and inefficient use of data.

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