4 Ways to Build a Buzz Around Your Next Product Launch

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4 Ways to Build a Buzz Around Your Next Product Launch

If you think about brands or products that you love, then have a think about how you came to hear about them. Take something like the Apple products, for example; their product launches have become very famous in recent years. IPads and iPhones have sold millions of units over the weekend that they are released, but how did they do it?

Of course, there was the existing brand name out there, and certain expectations that came with a new product and a new product launch. But there are some things that all businesses, no matter what their size, can learn from Steve Jobs and the team about product launches. So here are some of those strategies that you can implement for your product or business launches to make it all start off in the best way possible.

Focus on People, Not Product

If you look at Apple again, it is clear that for launches there wasn’t too much talk about what the new phone can do or talking about megapixels of the camera or other features. Really, did their customers even care? Instead, the focus on the launch was more about what the product can do for you and how it can improve your daily life. So look for putting the focus on this kind of thing, instead of just reeling off a list of features or specifications.

Create an Event

A new product launch doesn’t have to all be a launch date and then something is for sale or no you’re open for business. If you make the launch into an event then a huge buzz can be created around it, especially with local press and relevant industry influencers. If you look at Apple and what they have done in the past, they have even closed their online store for a time, to show that it is all about this event and launch, and creates a lot of exclusivity around it too.

An event can be a great way to push the boat out and do something really different and memorable. Decorate it in a fun or interesting way, from anything like inflatable planets to having circus acts perform; whatever you think will work well and be kind-of relevant to what you are doing. If the launch is made into a pretty big deal through a launch event, then it makes competitors and the media pay attention, as they will want to see what it is all about.


This is something that can be really overlooked for new products. If you take pre-orders, not only does it help you to gauge interest, but it also means that some people, and not just those in the press sector, will get your product right on the day that it is launched. And with the rise of social media, people are likely to share that they have this new item that they were so excited about, and it can help your marketing and advertising effort, no end. Again, it encourages some exclusivity, and that is something that many consumers want to be part of.

Along similar lines, it is so important to make sure that you are launching a product that you would be pleased to share with other people. If you have a product that doesn’t look that great or is pretty dull (or you can’t tell what it is from the packaging), then are your customers, pre-ordered or not, going to share it with the people around them? As anyone with an iPad, iPhone, or iMac knows, Apple take image of their products seriously and do want to go for a slick and stylish look. So definitely something to bear in mind as you plan a launch and a new product.

Draw Out Suspense

If you look back at previous product launches from Apple, you are likely to remember that there are some secret things around new products and launches; they tend to be shrouded in secrecy. If there is a little mystery around things, then it can create a big buzz around the launch and if you already have a following, then it will get them excited and looking forward to what is to come, perhaps even get them guessing what to look forward to.

So as these things show, you don’t have to have a huge business like Apple or be a huge business owner like Steve Jobs, but there are things that you can take from their example to help you to launch a product in a way that can really give it a boost.


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