4 Reasons Your Website Isn’t As Good As You Think It Is

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4 Reasons Your Website Isn’t As Good As You Think It Is

Loads of businesses think their website is excellent. However, it might not be as good as you think! Take a look at these problems your website might have which are holding it back and preventing it from being as good as it can be:

1. It Only Ranks Well For One Or Two Keywords

Search engine ranking means a lot to a website. Ideally, you want to be ranked highly for loads of keywords relating to your business. However, many businesses think their site is a success just because it ranks well for one or two keywords. That’s great, and you’re on the right path, but what about all the other main keywords relating to your business? Make sure you focus on a handful of keywords that are very relevant to your site. Otherwise, there could be people searching for things that relate to your business, but they don’t find your site as your ranking is too poor. Improve your site by focusing on more keywords.


2. It Doesn’t Work Well On Mobile Devices

Just because your website looks and functions well on a desktop, that doesn’t automatically mean it’s working well on mobile devices. Imagine a mobile user trying to load up your site on their phone or tablet, it would take ages, and they’d struggle to fit the whole page on their screen. As a result, all the mobile users visiting your site are getting a bad experience. So, they’ll be clicking off it as soon as possible. Therefore, you lose out on loads of potential mobile leads. What you need to do is make your site work well across all mobile devices. Ensure you have a version of your site that’s tailor-made for mobile phones, and you can even have a tablet version too. Now, mobile users will get a good experience, and your site will be a lot better.

3. It’s Not Creating Enough Sales

The third reason your website isn’t that great is that it simply isn’t helping you generate enough sales. Sure, you could have decent traffic levels, but where is all the money coming from? All the people that visit your site leave without buying anything. You could do with site-wide implementation for sales enablement to improve the productivity of your site regarding sales output. Make your website a real asset to your business by ensuring your traffic starts making purchases. Improve your conversion rate, and your site will be much better.


4.  It Takes Too Long To Load

Loading times are a chief concern regarding your business website. Ideally, your pages need to load instantly. Anything over a couple of seconds and you have a problem. You could have a brilliant site that looks great on all devices and produces a decent amount of sales. But, if the loading times are too long, then you’re missing out on many customers. People don’t like waiting, so you need to speed up your pages and keep them interested.

Unleash the true potential of your website by addressing all of these concerns.


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