4 Reasons Why Pamphlets Can Be Crucial Marketing Tools for Offline Companies

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4 Reasons Why Pamphlets Can Be Crucial Marketing Tools for Offline Companies

Nowadays it seems like everyone wants to talk about online marketing and few people are focusing on the other important side of advertising – the offline world. That’s right, offline marketing still works. In fact, it’s the most ideal form of brand promotion for brick-and-mortar businesses that need to target local leads. One of the oldest and most effective marketing tools that businesses have used to appeal to leads is the pamphlet or brochure. This simple yet powerful little booklet can do a lot to sway a prospective client or customer in your company’s favor, and here are four reasons why:

1. Professional Presentation Is Everything

First and foremost, a graphically stunning pamphlet printed on high quality paper is a quick and easy way to impress someone who has never heard of your brand before. While it might seem as though handing out business cards would achieve the same results, people are much more likely to look into what you’re offering if they have a pamphlet or brochure to look at. Plus, you don’t have to be a pro to get professional looking results with an online pamphlet maker.

2. They Showcase What the Business Has to Offer

Most people don’t want to spend their time and energy to discover exactly what it is you’re marketing. Handing them a pamphlet leaves them with the temptation of opening the pages out of curiosity, and once they do, they’re basically looking at a commercial for your business in the form of a small book. Plus, pamphlets tend to last as long as they’re not thrown out or lost, so it’s something that can stick around to remind them of your business later on, unlike a business card or flimsy flyer than can easily be lost or discarded.

3. They’re Easy to Distribute and They Leave Strong Impressions

Giving someone a pamphlet is as easy as asking them if they’re interested in taking one while extending out your hand. Most of the time people will just instinctively grab whatever you’re trying to give them for free just to satisfy their curiosity. Once they have it in their hands, don’t take it back, just tell them “if you don’t want it, please give it to someone else.” Many times, people will bring home a pamphlet and then one of their family members or friends are the ones who wind up taking action on the offer.

4. Established Competition Will Have Them

Finally, perhaps the most important reason to incorporate pamphlets and brochures into your offline marketing strategy is because your leading competition is undoubtedly already using them. You definitely don’t want to be one of the only businesses in your niche that doesn’t have professional marketing materials to distribute.

Don’t Short Change Your Company of Potential Business

Ideally, every offline business should be looking for as many ways to advertise and expand as possible. If you were to create a pie chart showing the contributions of each type of marketing material within a campaign, pamphlets would almost always be responsible for a significant share of the leads generated.

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