4 Materials That Are Commonly Used On a Die Cutting Machine

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4 Materials That Are Commonly Used On a Die Cutting Machine

The modern world of DIY has enabled many designers to try creative methods of crafting paper. This magical machine is capable of creating the most complicated design instantly. Moreover, these designs can be as simple as a circle, or really complicated as an abstract design. You can find many uses for a die cutter, ranging from greeting cards to clothes. Thus, you can create tons of designs using various materials. This post will give you an idea of the various types of materials usable with a die cutting machine. Thus, you can simply change the design with the use of a different material for your die cut project.

  • Paper

A paper must be a standout amongst the most ordinarily cut materials out there. Each cut using a die cutting machine has an alternate arrangement of directions on the best way to layer the cutting plates. However, the most essential setting will be the paper. Apparently, it might seem to be repetitive to try to specify paper, however, numerous paper crafters overlook that you can cut all types of papers. By switching up the type of paper, you can give your die cut prints an appealing look.

  • Cardstock

One of the most popular die cutting papers is the cardstock. This bulky matte paper is available in a variety of colors and thicknesses. You should know that the bulkier is the paper the better is the quality. Any die cutting expert will choose the most heavy of cardstock papers that ensure the best cut. This is important when you are about to cut complicated designs.

  • Paper with pattern

A paper with pattern is also available in various weights. Here too, the paper, which is the heaviest, is considered the best. You can use a patterned paper to mix up the patterns in the die cut machine. This results in beautiful designs that enables you to choose paper with solid colors and merge them into a unique layout. You might also like to read about Paper Trimmers For Card Making.

  • Foil-based paper

Another popular paper type that are loved by crafting experts is the foiled paper. These metallic sheets are available in many colors, but the most popular color is gold. You can use easily use it in a die cut machine to get a variety of images and designs for your home décor use. One of its best features is that it shines, which enhances your craftwork even more. However, using this paper require high precision and care so that one does not ruin the quality of the foil paper by scratching it. You also need to take care when fixing this paper using an adhesive as it may ruin the design.

Besides these, there are many other types of papers and materials that can be used in a die cutting machine. You may want to learn more about such materials from reliable sources before experimenting so that you do not ruin the die cutter by using a paper that was not meant for it.

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