4 Awesome Perks You Could Offer To Motivate Your Staff

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4 Awesome Perks You Could Offer To Motivate Your Staff

As an entrepreneur who is new to hiring people into your business, there’s every chance that you’ll be feeling the pressure to offer amazing incentives to the people that you begin to advertise for to bring on board. The key is to think about what you would want from an employer and cultivate a working environment that you want to work in. The world puts a huge emphasis on work and fun working environments, which means that you need to pull out as many stops as you can to attract, hire and retain the top talent out there.

Job incentives make a huge difference to the way that people perform at work. No one goes to work every day for free, because their salary and hours motivates them to keep going. There are a wide range of benefits that you could offer as the company boss, but you have to ensure that firstly, those incentives are what the people want, and secondly, that the incentives are cost-effective to your organisation. You get the choice to mix the conventional benefits, like a chance to dress down on Friday, to the unique, such as being able to bring a dog to the office. So, what perks can you offer to your staff so that they have an experience with you that keeps them loyal?

Motivate Your Staff

Company Car. You need to do your research for this one, as a company car purchase isn’t always as simple as a regular car that you’d buy for yourself. You need to go onto Goocmpare.com and research the right business insurance. You also need to decide on the best, greenest fleet for your business so that you are fulfilling your carbon footprint efforts. A company car will be a relief for employees who don’t want to use their personal vehicle for business meetings.

Flexible Hours. Scrapping the strict 9-5 can be a huge relief to those in your staff that are parents, that have appointments and commitments around their job and those that simply like a little flexibility in their start and finish times. Offering flexible hours makes you far more desirable as an employer, as it speaks to those who need a little leeway every now and then.

Extra Holidays. There is always a standard amount of time off that people can take and spread throughout their year, but if you are able to offer paid leave when needed for family emergencies, pet emergencies and even personal days where someone just can’t get out of bed (you know the ones!), then you will be held in high esteem with staff.

Cash Bonuses. A bonus of time off is nice, but a bump in their pay is even nicer. An extra incentive of quarterly bonuses and weekly target bonuses will keep people motivated and on the right path with your organisation.

A business needs a staff that wants to be there and the only way to do that is to offer more than the competition. Do you want to offer more, or do you want to constantly have to rehire? It’s up to you.


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