4 Most Amazing Heat Management Features of LED Lights that Makes it an Environment Friendly Choice

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4 Most Amazing Heat Management Features of LED Lights that Makes it an Environment Friendly Choice

One of the often quoted benefits of LED lights is the fact that they don’t produce heat. Technically, this isn’t exactly true, given that by the laws of physics some heat production is necessary in order for there to be light. Regardless, the difference compared to older, more conventional lighting technologies is significant, making a LED much cooler to the point where it offers some real advantages.

Here, I will discuss how LED heat management works and the benefits that come as a result of this.

How LED s stay cool

LED lights do produce heat, but it’s a fraction of the amount of heat produced by some alternative lighting options. This is because the heat is not of the infrared radiation variety, which can lead to the heating of the bulb itself and other parts of the light. Heat in an LED is produced, but not in the direction of the light itself or outwards. The idea behind LED technology is to ensure the LED chip is not exposed to too much heat, which prolongs the bulb’s life. But how is this achieved? The heat needs to be released, if you will, from the bulb itself, and so certain components inside it need to be great conductors of heat to have it pass through them and move away from the center.

The design of the light also comes into the equation, as its shape can have an effect on how easily heat it omitted and released.

Less fire accidents

You may be surprised to hear that people using the wrong kind of light bulb in their fixture are one of the top five causes of home electrical fires. This is generally a case of wanting more brightness and using light bulbs that have a higher wattage than the light fixture can handle. When you’re constantly changing light bulbs several times a year, it just so happens that sometimes a mistake is made. Especially, when you have renovated a business space like warehouses and with high power fluorescent lights, it had been seen that the rate of accidents rises due to loose wires and lighting hazards and your business gets directly affected by it.

Thankfully, LED lights are a little different. Brightness is not determined by wattage, whereas there is a correlation between the two with incandescent bulbs. As they consume less energy and remain cool to touch, you are able to get the same brightness with a fraction of the wattage and they can be left on for hours without generating more heat. They therefore greatly reducing the chance of having a fire hazard on your hands, particularly in summer where excess heat can spark an electrical fire.

More efficient compared to traditional incandescent lights

Conventional lights produce actually produce a great deal of heat. In fact, touching a globe that has been turned on for even short while can result in serious burns. Studies have shown that an incandescent globe on a lamp can get as hot as 260 degrees Celsius, for example.

The large majority of total energy is used in the product of heat in the case of both LED and incandescent lights. The difference is that only 5% of the total energy of an incandescent globe is used in the production of visible light, while in the case of LED, that number is 15%.

Benefits of cool LED lights

There are a host of benefits that come as a result of this technology, as many LED lighting companies will tell you. For one, part of the reason that LED lights last so much longer than other lighting solutions is because they don’t have to withstand such high temperatures. Plus, lower levels of heat production mean these lights are utilizing less energy and not increasing the temperature in the room. Lastly, LED lights can be set up in places that often would not be safe for an incandescent light due to a potential fire risk, particularly in commercial settings.

For example, for multiple case studies it’s found that significant reduction in the warmth of lights like t8 led tubes can be critical for overall safety of commercial or residential as well as beneficial to health in many ways.

So the overall heat management systems introduced to the latest led technology are very significant in many ways both scientifically and financial aspects. Though low cost led lights can cause havoc in many ways, but if better led lighting companies are chosen for the lighting renovation, it can be really help your business or budget in a notable as well as innovative ways.

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