3 Ways You Can Speed Up The Hiring Process

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3 Ways You Can Speed Up The Hiring Process

Small business owners will depend on a team around them at all times. You need to hire new talent if you want to grow your company and reach your full potential. There are countless issues that crop up when hiring new employees, and one of the biggest is the time it takes.

The hiring process can be a drawn-out affair, so you need to make it as fast as possible. With that in mind, here are a few ideas that’ll help you speed up the hiring process in your small business:

Hire from within

Sometimes, new roles open up in your company that might be suitable for people who are already on your payroll. As such, you can speed up the hiring process by offering the jobs to your existing employees first.

You may find there’s talent in your company just waiting to be unleashed! It’s a simple way of hiring employees for new roles, and you will save so much time. Instead of needing to put out job adverts and sort through shortlists, you can promote an existing employee and alter their job title.

Seek out specialist recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies, in general, will help you speed up the hiring process. Instead of trying to find candidates yourself, you trust this job to people who do it for a living. They can deal with applications, and they might event conduct initial interviews as well.

But, if you really want to hire the best talent as quickly as possible, then you should find specialist recruitment agencies. Companies like Pure Staff Ltd recruit talent for specific job roles in specific industries. If you need an accountant, then seek out a financial services recruitment agency. If you need someone for a marketing team, then look for an agency that specialises in that area. By using their expertise, these agencies can find talent quicker and rule out any pointless applications.

Filter applicants before the interview stage

The longest part of the hiring process is dealing with a stack of applications and interviewing dozens of people. It can take up so much time, but there’s a far easier way of dealing with things. Put things in place that allow you to filter applicants way in advance of interviews.

For example, write a very detailed job description that lists all the essential qualities you’re looking for. If someone doesn’t have all these qualities, they don’t make it any further. Another useful trick is having a range of application questions they need to answer. Again, this helps filter out the strong applicants from the weak ones. So, when it comes to the final stage – interviews – you have a much smaller pool to choose from.

The longer it takes to hire someone, the longer it means your business operates without a strong team. Plus, hiring can be costly. So, you need it to be over as quickly as possible! Use these tips, and you will hire the best talent without spending months and months trying to find them.


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