3 Ways to Keep Your Firm Safe from the Ravages of Fire

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3 Ways to Keep Your Firm Safe from the Ravages of Fire

Imagine for one moment that the firm you’ve worked so hard to build suddenly went up in smoke.

As you pull into the car park ready to face another day, you’re confronted with flames licking the building, office windows shattering and streams of frightened workers running for their lives.

While sirens wail and fire fighters shoot off instructions, all you can focus on is the unforgiving blaze engulfing the sum of your life’s work. Staggering blindly away from the scene, choking on a heady mix of smoke and tears, you can scarcely believe the merciless nature of fire.

With just one unfortunate spark, you’ve gone from an entrepreneur with the world at his feet, to a snot and ash covered bystander, nervously ringing your sinister insurance company to inform them of the destruction.

It’s every business owner’s worst nightmare – but it needn’t necessarily play out this way.

However, it’s vital your firm is well equipped to deal with the ravages of fire, both physically and mentally, in an effort to avoid the dramatic scenario painted above. Need some help? Here are three ways to get started …

Fit 4 Hour Fire Walls

If your firm is unfortunate enough to suffer an uncontrollable blaze, it’s unavoidable that large compartments, walls and enclosures will be subjected to extreme conditions – and this can lead to them collapsing completely.

In an effort to sidestep this, it’s important to invest in 4 hour fire walls, which will provide the strength to stand up to the harshest of fires. Additionally, these walls are also designed to withstand sudden impacts, adding to the overall fortification of your premises.

Install Fire fighting Equipment

While you don’t want Ann from accounts or Morag from marketing battling a raging inferno with the company fire extinguishers, it’s crucial there are fire fighting devices on hand to deal with smaller blazes before they get out of hand.

Of course, different fires require different extinguishers, so make sure you’re up to speed with the type of equipment you need. Also, ensure there are plenty of smoke alarms to sound the horn and warn your staff, as well as fire blankets to be used to stop the flames from escalating.

Educate Your Employees

Despite your penchant for everything fire safety related, this fascination with flames may not spread to your employees. However, it’s vital you get them on board so they know what to do should the building be engulfed by a blaze.

Start off with teaching fire safety regulations, along with educating your staff on how they exit the building in the event of a fire, as well as where they should gather to ensure you can account for them all.

While the list above is hardly exhaustive, by taking these tips on board – along with using your common sense as a conscientious business owner – you can make sure your firm is better equipped to deal with the potentially devastating effects of fire.


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