3 Top Tips for Scaling Your Startup in No Time

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3 Top Tips for Scaling Your Startup in No Time

The hardest part is out of the way. You’ve founded a new business and managed to survive this long. And that alone means you’ve done far better than thousands upon thousands of entrepreneurs who go belly up or lose their drive before the next phase of the company lifecycle even begins.

But you’re not out of the woods yet. In fact, some would say the scaling up stage is even harder than the early struggle and that you’re now in for a long, hard journey toward growth.

It doesn’t have to be a nightmare, though. If you stay locked in on the key aspects of future success — having great workers, great customers and a great brand — you can move through this growth phase as quickly as possible. And best of all, if you hit the following aspects of scaling up out of the park, you’ll be poised to enjoy many more years of steady progress.

1. Hiring a Great Team

Great people make a business great; there’s simply no getting around that fact. Just like championship-winning sports teams need stars and a host of role players to attain success, maintaining superstar recruitment and retention practices will be your greatest asset as you scale up.

However, the key to finding the best workplace talent is to project a unified brand and mission that will let candidates know who you are and what you stand for right off the bat. Look for the right people in all walks of life — via networking, industry events, online platforms and other local companies — then do your best to entice them to join your team.

You should also consider hiring remote workers. While being in the office is generally helpful for employees to absorb and shape workplace culture, ultimately talent is talent. If someone whom you know would do a superb job happens to live in a different state, take the chance. Who knows? They may bring untold benefits and perhaps help you expand geographically in a focused way.

2. Excelling at Customer Support

Growing businesses could greatly benefit from sourcing work through a call contact center for both sales and customer support. The need for increased sales speaks for itself when a company is trying to add revenue and clients. And customer support functions can usually be handled better by true experts in the field as opposed to in-house operations that typically fall short in response times and satisfaction scores.

Given how easy it is to establish a call center partnership — and how quickly you’ll have to adjust to growing demands on the fly but without the need to hire new employees — it just makes sense. This way, you can stay laser-focused on growth while ensuring these key components of sales lead development, customer loyalty and client retention are in great hands.

3. Improving Marketing

Companies can’t experience growth without hitting — and, more importantly, maintaining — specific sales numbers, and that requires both good old-fashioned pounding the pavement and digital promotion. More people will need to learn about your company if you want to bolster your bottom line, and that means your focus and execution must improve when it comes to marketing.

The great news is there are more ways than ever to promote yourself. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook can be incredible resources that give you more reach and engagement for much less expensive costs than traditional advertisements ever could.

Thus, try to be creative, clever and visual in your posting, but understand your tone on social media will come to define how people see your brand. If you’re a healthy lifestyle brand, stick with a light, advice-driven style. Meantime, if you work as a tax attorney, keep professionalism in mind. Whatever the case, get the message out — early and often — that you’re a trusted, rising brand in your space.

Scaling Up for the Long Term

There are a lot of details to get right as you try to expand — and scaling up will take a concerted effort that could take years to get right. Just be ready for that challenge and dive into it fully.

At the same time, don’t get lost in the weeds. Focus on doing a great job on the foundational considerations — hiring top talent, keeping your customers happy and expanding sales — and you’ll have already won half the battle. If you can get these things right, the scale-up struggle doesn’t have to be such a scary, turbulent time.


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