3 Interesting Industries That Are Perfect For Starting A Business In 2017

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3 Interesting Industries That Are Perfect For Starting A Business In 2017

Your chances of startup success are increased if you’re in an industry that’s experiencing constant growth. Having said that, what are the best industries to start a business in this year? To find the answers to this question, have a read of the article below:

Starting A Business

Beauty Industry

The next time you go outside for a walk down a busy street I want you to sneak a peek at some of the people walking past you. No doubt they’ll come in different shapes and sizes and look differently. However, one thing will be noticeable. Almost everyone will have some sort of beauty product on them. This can be makeup, hair styling gel, skin moisturizer; you name it! The beauty industry is huge and highly profitable. The potential business ideas here are endless, the easiest of which is to set up a health & beauty shop. This is where you setup a shop and exclusively sell beauty products to people. To give your shop an edge, you could do something clever and only sell natural products that are ethically tested. This gives you a USP and increases your chance of success.

Starting A Business

Food Industry

What makes the food industry so great is that it’s massive and food will always be in demand. No matter what, people need to buy food from somewhere, somehow. As the industry is so vast, it presents hundreds of different business opportunities. The one I will recommend is a food processing company. This sector is where a lot of big money lies as much of the food on our shelves is processed. What will you need to start a company like this in the food industry? To begin, you need to find a reasonably sized premises that you can operate out of. Secondly, get your hands on things like elevating equipment, conveyor belts, and other processing essentials. Next, you’ll need employees to work on the floor and help move the food processing along smoothly. Of course, you also need an idea on what food you’re going to process – things like fish, jam, and other sauces are very popular. Then, figure out how to get your food on the shelves of shops around the country, and possibly the world!

PR Industry

If you’re looking for an industry that’s set to grow over the next few years, then Public Relations is the place to be. In a world that’s so dominated by social media, the need for PR management is increasing. Consequently, you could start a PR firm that helps people and businesses manage their social media presence. We’ve all seen instances of famous people tweeting something ridiculous that made them look bad and damaged their reputation. With more and more online celebs popping up, PR is becoming even more demandable. A great industry to start a simple business idea that can make a lot of money.


I’ve given you an example of a business idea you can start in each industry. However, don’t feel as though you must start that business if you want to get involved in any of the industries. If you’ve got a genius idea of your creation, then go for it!


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