3 Important Factors to Remember When Using Social Media as a Business

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3 Important Factors to Remember When Using Social Media as a Business

All businesses should be using social media as part of their online marketing plan. Social media can be hugely beneficial to any business, if you know exactly how to use it to your advantage; including encouraging engagement, relevant posts and upping your online visibility.

Using social media can be a point of concern for those business owners who aren’t familiar with how to do so, such as an entrepreneur new to the business world, or a seasoned professional who has never had to use social media before.

Below are 3 key ideas to remember when you’re starting out within the social media world.

  1. It’s the quality of followers that matters, not quantity

Naturally, more followers are always going to be beneficial, and the point of social media for your business is to target an increased number of people to interact with your business and follow your page.

However, while a higher number of followers does look fantastic for a business, it’s also important to concentrate on the quality of those followers. It’s not productive for your business to have 100 followers who are friends, family or random people who stumbled across your page and haven’t looked at it since. Compared to 50 followers, for example, who are constantly engaged with your content, or else work within supportive businesses.

  1. Be aware of security threats and stay safe

It’s already a common discussion regarding online safety and protecting yourself whilst browsing or shopping online. These security threats also extend to your use of social media, and especially so if you’re a business. It only requires one person to hack your account and post detrimental content to compromise the reputation of your business, even if you can salvage the situation afterwards and release a statement that your account was hacked; unfortunately, the damage may already have been done.

Therefore it’s crucial to understand the best security practices by visiting https://fraudwatchinternational.com/social-media/social-media-security-best-practices/ and ensuring that your business is following the key steps.

  1. You still have to be professional

This may go without saying, but due to the casual and informal reputation social media has in certain instances, many businesses can often forget that it’s still a platform to promote their service or product, and still a requirement to maintain their business tone. You have to remember that if you make something public on social media, everybody can see it, and this doesn’t just mean content or comments posted to your own page.

Any comment or interaction you make with another individual or business can be seen by others, so it’s important to plan your responses and interactions accordingly.

This also counts for what you don’t say. If your social media pages are filled with consumers asking customer service questions which can be seen publicly, or if they are just generally commenting or starting a conversation, if these consumers and other visitors can see that you never take the time to reply or answer queries, this can also be a red flag against your reputation.

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