3 Important Considerations for Tech Recruiters

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3 Important Considerations for Tech Recruiters

Recruiting for a tech company can be exciting, challenging and rewarding. You get the chance to see movement and innovation from the inside, and as an integral part of HR, you do a lot to make it possible. Recruiting in tech is not like recruiting in other sectors, though. It comes with a unique set of challenges and demands that you need to anticipate and accommodate. There are a few special considerations that tech recruiters may overlook. If you keep the following factors in mind, though, you can stay ahead of the game and recruit the best candidates.

Consider these criteria when you are looking for candidates to fill crucial roles within your tech company. Your skills as a recruiter should not be compromised by the trappings of the tech industry, and with some extra effort, you can prevent this from happening. Read on for the essential knowledge every recruiter in the tech industry should be aware of.

Time Invested in Candidates

For many reasons, the average candidate for a tech position may take longer to source and recruit than a candidate for a job in another field. You have to verify their skills, ensure they are competent and judge their potential performance. All of this does not take into account the amount of time you might spend sourcing passive candidates and promoting the position itself. Do not neglect to budget your time carefully and calculate your sourcing time. This can help you focus your efforts more effectively and spend time on the candidates who are the best and the brightest.

Skills and Experience vs. Education

Once you calculate your sourcing time, you will be better equipped to focus on other parts of the recruiting process, including reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates. At this step of the process, you should be carefully weighing each candidate’s balance of skills and experience versus their education. Unlike other fields, in tech, the former are typically more important than the latter. While a degree is certainly a good reassurance of a candidate’s knowledge, it does not prove that they can apply that knowledge and succeed in a hands-on work environment. Looks for skills and experience instead of degrees.

Fit With Company Culture

Recent efforts to focus on diversity have pulled focus away from consideration of company culture. When you are trying to recruit a diverse group of candidates, you may want to resist the idea that a homogenous culture exists within your company. Homogeneity is not what company culture is about, though, and it is certainly not mutually exclusive with diversity. Work to find candidates who are from a range of backgrounds but share the values that your company holds to be important. This is an imperative balance to strike in a tech environment.

These factors are important for all recruiters and HR professionals to consider, but they are particularly pertinent to recruiters who are working in the tech sector. Whether you are recruiting for high-ranking CEO spots or entry-level support positions, these criteria are important to remember, and they will help you use your time and energy more effectively.


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