10 Objective-Driven Optimization Tactics to Amplify Conversion Rate

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10 Objective-Driven Optimization Tactics to Amplify Conversion Rate

Conversion is the ultimate goal of e-commerce businesses. Improving one’s conversion rate is also the very reason why online marketing is done, and very aggressively at that. But what really is conversion and why is it important?

What are Conversions?

Conversion is transforming your site’s visitors into customers or subscribers, depending on what kind of website you have. If you are unable to convert your site’s visitors, it is similar to people just going inside a store then going out without buying anything, and this is a waste of all the potential business that you could have made. To a lot, conversion means sales. But since not all websites are into selling, there also other forms of conversion such as signing up for a newsletter, creating an account, answering a survey, or any other end action that you need out of your site’s visitors. The essence is being able to convert your site’s visitors into consumers of whatever service your website is all about. It is turning people into fulfilling the purpose of your site.

How to Boost Conversion Rate?

With the right products and the right marketing strategies, you have better chances of having your potential sales be realized. You must come up with strong and effective marketing tactics to enable you to make a business out of your site’s visitors. One of the most coveted marketing strategies that online business should embark on is search engine optimization. The higher you are on the search engine results page, the more likely it is that you make huge sales as compared to those who are down the line. To help you achieve better conversion rates through SEO, here are ten tactics that you should practice:

1. Make data-driven decisions when optimizing your site

When you make decisions regarding your SEO campaign, you should not just settle for baseless hunches. You should make use of data in order come up with effective decisions, and so that you will be able to plan in a smart manner. It is therefore essential that you invest your time and resources on dependable tools that will allow you to a harbor and analyze data that you can use to tell what the best action to take is. Some of the areas that thorough data analysis is evaluating the current performance of your site. Which pages are performing well, and where should you beef up your strategies? At the end of the day, you need to make sure that you only make well-informed decisions, and that you never guess.

2. Optimize your images

A lot of websites only optimize their textual content. An awful lot of website fail to realize the importance of optimizing images as well. But optimizing images is a bit different from optimizing texts. You will need to make use of an image’s alt text. You must also make sure that the images used on the site are relevant to the text of the page where it is used. Finally, you should ensure that you only use high-quality images. By doing so, you are enabling your images to help you rank as compared to businesses who do not optimize their images.

3. CTA should be clear throughout your website

A call-to-action refers to messages regarding what action you want your users to make such as signing up, adding to cart, or downloading. As CTAs embody the desired action you want your users to make, it should be structured in a way that the message is clearly communicated. Some things that you should consider regarding CTAs are that they should be visible and that they do not sound like your hard selling. As a general rule, your CTA buttons should have a contrasting color than the page background, in such a way, your users will easily see your CTA buttons. You should also have your CTAs focus on how your users will benefit from your what you offer.

4. Optimize your website for search engines

Again, SEO is an essential tactic nowadays. It is geared to have your website appear, in as much as possible, as the first result when users search using a related query. According to a web design company in the Philippines, “Website owners should take into consideration what are the best practices for each search engines. Making sure that you study what for them is proper SEO, and what practices you should avoid.” This way, you are more likely to rank positively, and you are spared from penalties that would otherwise hurt your chances of making it big in SEO. With creative but compliant strategies, you are sure to make a lot out of your efforts.

5. Leverage your customer reviews

An often overlooked strategy is making use of reviews from your customers. When done right, customer reviews can actually help you a lot. Hesitation prevents a lot of first-time buyers from deciding to complete their purchase. But with positive reviews from actual customers, they will be more at ease, and they would more likely complete the sales process. At the same time, you are also engaging your customers, which is proven to help improve conversion. So make sure that you feature customers reviews, and that you do your part in encouraging them to do make reviews.

6. Expose your user to large numbers

Featuring large statistics such as the number of satisfied customers or number of members help entice your users to be part of it, which boosts your conversion. This is because they would be thinking that there must really be something great about your site that all these people do business with you. Another way to make use of numbers is to show the original price of a product you have for sale, then striking it out instead of just showing the discounted price. This way, they will be more drawn to the idea that they would be missing out on a good deal if they let this pass. Also show how much percentage they were able to save, making your discount promotions work more effectively.

7. Conduct tests

For whatever tactic you practice, make sure that you test them out first before fully launching them. This is because not all tactics would work. And before wasting all your time and effort, you should test them out first. If your strategy does not perform well during testing, then they are more likely going to fail when you launch it. You could try to modify parts of your strategy first, then test it again. When it brings about acceptable results during testing, then you can now bring it to a larger audience.

8. Increase your website speed

SEO is now largely about user experience so make sure that your site’s performance is great, especially in terms of speed. Your site should be able to load in 3 seconds or less, and it transitions to other parts of your site should be smooth. Slow-loading sites are a turn-off and would have high bounce rates, which send a negative signal to search engines about your site. So make sure that you work on your site’s speed. Always make it a point that your site remains light, and that you employ the best practices in keeping your site fast.

9. Optimize your most-used web pages

Not all of your site’s pages would perform equally. There are pages that would command more usage from your visitors. It is your job to identify which pages these are, and you should ensure that you optimize these pages as they are very important. However, it doesn’t mean that you should not work on your other pages – it just means that you should put a priority on ensuring that your most-used pages are at their best at all time because you make the most business here.

10. Offer amazing customer service

Aside from working on your site, you should also provide your users with topnotch customer service so that you may be able to differentiate your offerings from your competitors – especially those who offer the same products and services as you. Some of the ways to do this are to open your lines of communication with your customers so that they may be able to easily ask their questions and relay their concerns. Live chat is greatly appreciated and having this really helps you make more conversions. This is especially true since there are more and more competitors that are going live each day, and in order for you to set yourself apart, customer service can truly help.

Boost your conversion with these effective tactics

In your quest to improve your conversion rate, you will need to employ effective strategies. Some of the most effective ones are listed above, and these can really bring about a lot of positive returns. By practicing these tactics, you are more likely to have better conversion rates in a short amount of time. So follow our tips now and see how much more conversion you can make today.



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